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    We are offering IT consulting, managed IT services, hardware as a service and IT support for your business. Let us help you make your IT infrastructure work better eliminating long waiting times, constant issues or downtime that could significantly and negatively affect the actual work you need to focus on and prevent you from achieving your goals. But wait, we have much more to offer than traditional IT services thanks to our focus on innovative technologies and their use for any specific need that you might have.


Belev Investment is a company offering innovative technology consulting, services and solutions for business and creative professionals. We are not just your traditional IT consulting and service provider, we take the latest technology and make it work for your business. We understand technology and using it right can help you grow your business, make it more efficient and profitable, so we are here to help fuel your business and grow together as partners. Whether you are in need of Managed IT Services, IT Support, IT Consultation, or if you need Innovative Technology Consultation and then implementing these new technologies in your business, we are ready to help you. We can support your existing IT infrastructure, provide consultations on how to build it further and improve it and how and what you can implement as new technologies to help you reach your business goals better and faster.

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